Bedroom Hustle JV Invitation 

Jan 14th 2020 @10:00 AM EST

Manny Hanif
Bedroom Hustle JV
Learn how to make money from affiliate marketing using underground strategies, using free organic methods. 
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Manny Hanif offers years of experience in Online Marketing. His solid background is full of success, having launched 100s of products online, coaching people and making a huge impact in Internet Marketing.

Hello and welcome to the Official JV Page for 
Bedroom Hustle

Hello and welcome to the official JV page for Profile Hustle. 

This product shows your customers how to make money from affiliate marketing, using organic strategies. 

All this is done WITHOUT spending a DIME on traffic. 
This course contains 13 step-by-step, over the shoulder videos on how to profit from affiliate marketing. 

Inside the video course, your customers can discover:

- How to use the power of the ONE chat method and make affiliate commissions
- How to start making affiliate commissions the same day...
- How to use the FOLLOW up method and make DAILY commissions using this powerful HACK..
- How to use the power of the VIDEO rank method, and BEAT YOUR competition at their game...
- How to make $100+ EASILY By using this ONE SIMPLE Trick..
- How to use the SCREENSHOT method to have 100s of people "BEGGING" to buy from your link..


This is a high quality product, with social proof. Your customers will love it and it is extremely 100% newbie friendly. 

There are also several OTOs.

Inside OTO1, I provide several DFY posts - 10 high quality swipe posts for 'coloured posts' on Facebook profiles and 10 high quality Facebook posts, with Emojis. This sells at $27.00 (75% Commission)

Inside OTO2, I provide a monthly membership site that will contain strategies, content, case studies and methods of making money online. This sells for $19.00 a month (50% Commission)

Inside OTO3, - Full PLR Rights to the Bedroom Hustle Course. Your customers can put their name on the product and sell the videos. This sells for $197 (50% Commission). 

The Funnel 



$19.99/a month


Swipe Files 

SWIPE FILE 1 (Launch Day)


Easy Affiliate Commissions...from your own bedroom
$114.15 In A Single Day, From Own Bedroom..
10x Your Commissions, From The Comfort of your own room!


Did you know that some of the most successful multi million dollar businesses started in bedrooms?

Thats right!

Imagine making commissions from the comfort of your own room, without going to work, or going in an office!

Learn how Manny is able to generate $100 a day by using this easy affiliate commission system - Bedroom Hustle!

This is a newbie friendly method that works!



SWIPE FILE 2 (Day 2)


Your Bedroom is a SECRET VAULT...
Turn your Bedroom into Affiliate Commission....

Hello and welcome!

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SWIPE FILE 3 (Day 3)


Affiliate Commissions, straight from your bedroom!
Start a profitable business from your bedroom!
Newbie Friendly Method generates $114.15 in a single day, from Manny's own bedroom!

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Did you know that you are minutes away from discovering how you can use an easy newbie friendly system, that generates affiliate commissions by simply using organic traffic?

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SWIPE FILE 4 (Day 4)


Newbie Friendly System that pays!
Make money today, using a simple 'BEDROOM' system...
Want to know how Manny was able to make $114.15 n a single day, straight from his bedroom?

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I'm very happy to COUNT you in for this launch, and give you this personal invite. 

If you want review copies please let me know.
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Thanks so much and see you soon.

Manny Hanif

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